Thursday, October 14

Process Piece // Day 05

day 05 // Health // Black Pen

project description after the jump....

every day, draw circles while listening to an entire album. Pick the album by rolling a dice.

roll a 1 or 2: draw to - Health's 'Get Color'
roll a 3 or 4: draw to - Stereolab's 'The Group Played "Bachelor Pad Space Music"'
roll a 5 or 6: draw to - EDH's 'Les chanteurs américains'

decide where to start drawing on the page by throwing a coin in the air, where ever the coin lands on the page- start drawing. If the coin is on Heads, draw with a black pen; if it lands on Tails, draw with a blue pen. 

at the end of every day cover the page with white wash.

\\\\\\\ Project Record //////// 
day 01 // EDH // Blue Pen
day 02 // EDH // Blue Pen
day 03 // Stereolab // Black Pen
day 04 // EDH // Blue Pen
day 05 // Health // Black Pen

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